048: App For Raising The Appreciation We Have For Ourselves And Other People – Joey Chandler

048: App For Raising The Appreciation We Have For Ourselves And Other People – Joey Chandler

Joey Chandler is the founder of The Appreciation Nation and the You Are App.

He’s working on raising the level of appreciation around the world. One of his ways is through a web app that lets you receive appreciation from your friends and family in an easy way, plus, they can easily create an account and get to receive appreciation as well.

There is a bit of a catch here that we discuss in the interview. You need to send them the link (Facebook messenger works best) and let them know that you’d be honored if they’d let you know through the app what they appreciate about you. But more on the challenges of giving and receiving appreciation, you’ll be able to find out during the interview.

Joey Chandler was generous enough to share with us vulnerable moments in his life so that we can be inspired by them to show and to receive more appreciation.

What we talked about

  • The hidden problem that comes with expressing appreciation
  • Why Joey Chandler thinks gratitude and appreciation are not the same thing
  • What do appreciation and leadership have in common
  • The things we try so hard to hide and a perspective that you never thought about regarding acceptance
  • What appreciation is all about and what it can produce in our life

His favorite Gratitude Quote

"Argue for your limitations, and sure enough they're yours." - Richard Bach

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The Beautiful Thing About Fear Is, When You Run to It, It Runs Away – Robin Sharma

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Actionable tips to be GRATEFUL consistenly

  • Use the Appreciation Nation App
  • Go through the answers daily or weekly
  • Express appreciation as often as you find fit

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