038: A Rabbi’s Perspective On How Humility Makes Us Powerful And Grateful – Aryeh Weinstein

038: A Rabbi’s Perspective On How Humility Makes Us Powerful And Grateful – Aryeh Weinstein

Aryeh Weinstein is such a great teacher a wise and talented one. He can explain deep concepts like humility and gratitude in a very simple to understand way, with great anecdotes that make a lot of sense. 

Aryeh is the host and creator of the Beginning Within podcast and beginningwithin.com. 

He has served as the Rabbi of The Shul at Newtown, a Chabad synagogue in Newtown, Pennsylvania and as the director of the Jay Michael Swartz Jewish Learning Academy for the past 16 years. His style of teaching which is a blend of psychology, spirituality, clarity and conviction draws hundreds to his courses. 

He is a member of the editorial board of the Jewish Learning Institute and has been a featured lecturer at the National Jewish Retreat and is currently a second-term member of the Newtown Borough Human Relations Commission.

He has been so kind to let us in on how the Jewish tradition sees and practices gratitude, a perspective I was very curious about. Find out what we talked about, below, there are some pretty interesting topics and the conversation I had with Aryeh was filled with great insights, it inspired me to write some articles, it inspired some of the Gratitude Reminder episodes, I'm sure it will have a similar effect on you as well. 

What we talked about

  • How gratitude relates to humility and Aryeh Weinstein’s brilliant definition of humility
  • Focusing on others to get us out of ourselves and to get us happy
  • What the Jewish spirituality teaches about gratitude and what rituals they have to engrave the sense of gratitude
  • Living out of gratitude and how Aryeh sees it
  • The thankfulness prayer Aryeh has started every day with for 30+ years

His favorite Gratitude Quote

I offer thanks to You,

living and eternal King,

for You have mercifully restored my soul within me;

Your faithfulness is great.

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Actionable tips to be GRATEFUL consistenly

  • The morning prayer from above

Mentioned resources

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