John Israel, has been called “America’s Most Grateful Man” by the UK DailyMail because of his commitment to writting 5 thank you cards each day for 365 days. 

He shares with us emotional, tragic and funny stories from sending so many thank you cards and spreading so much gratitude. 

It’s the longest interview till date, two times as much as we originally thought it would take and we could have went on for much longer. 

It’s going to be a roller coaster of emotions, through which, we hope you’ll be inspired to take up a challenge of your own. 

His story has been featured on ABC News, DailyMail and other big media outlets, but he shared some stories that he never shared before in our interview.

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What we talked about

  • How John Israel manages to send 5 thank you cards per day, how much it takes and how he actually does it every day
  • Why he started on this journey and what he wants to accomplish with it, for himself and for the world at large as well
  • What he does when he boards a plane that make the stewardess look funny at him
  • How he got to receive a big bear hug from a waitress and was able to give her the best tip of her life
  • What John invites us to do, inspired by his challenge

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