Danny Sunshine Bauer is a leader of leaders, and on his podcast Better Leaders Better Schools he talks a lot about how in life 10% is what happens to us and 90% is how we react, this where gratitude kicks in. 

Also, he’s leading a few masterminds and he does a great job at it, he explains how hard it can be to excell at anything while in isolation. 

You’ll definitely enjoy this conversation, he speaks with authority and you can feel the experience behind each word. 

Plus, you’ll get to learn where “Sunshine” came from. 🙂 

Daniel E. Bauer helps school leaders create winning cultures, focus on the essential, and lead with courage and integrity.

What we talked about

  • Why communities are so important for cultivating a positive habit
  • What Danny Sunshine Bauer does in his masterminds to get the focus back on appreciation
  • His journey from a negative, angry, pessimistic approach in life when he was younger, to being a leader of leaders, that lives with gratitude
  • How much perspective matters in our experience of life
  • The story behind his name, "Sunshine" and so much more

His favorite Gratitude Quote

 “There is good in everything, if only we look for it.” - Laura Ingalls Wilder


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Actionable tips to be GRATEFUL consistenly

  • Gratitude journal 5 minutes in the morning, 5 minutes at night

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