Christie is a management consultant focused on all things transformational. She specializes in partnering with both private and public sector clients to harness the power of authenticity in organizational change.  She operates well in complex service delivery environments across industries such as Financial Services, Insurance, Consumer Goods, and Technology.  Christie has spent her entire 16+ year career working for some of the top consulting firms in the world.

Given her vast experience in consulting, Christie enjoys being a frequent sounding board to dozens of mentees and has protégées doing great things all around the world. A boomerang Bostonian, Christie is a passionate coffee drinking futurist while blogging regularly on a number of different websites.

She is also author of The MECE Muse: 100+ selected practices, unwritten rules, and habits of great consultants, being published in 2017.

As a certified project manager and facilitator,  Christie has earned a B.S. in marketing & computer science from Bentley University, an M.S. in organizational leadership at Mercy College, and have recently completed relevant human capital and HR trends coursework from Columbia University.

She is also a reformed perfectionist, recovering workaholic, and political junkie.

When Christie is not consulting, writing, mentoring, or public speaking, you can find her reading business books, talking politics, or indulging in an unhealthy, addictive quest for the perfect pair of high heels and pearls.

Her story is so inspiring and she's such a determined person that I'm sure it will rubb off on you, as it did on me. Especially if you feel like your background isn't helping you in being grateful or successful, she is the proof that it's within our power to choose both. 

Listen to this short excerpt:

Actionable tips to be GRATEFUL consistenly

    • Start your day believing a miracle is about to happen

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