Jason Morris is a real estate FSBO master, author of a best-selling book on FSBO, a good leader, and a really great guy. 

He shares with us his experience in the real estate marketing, how many agents are still in their "winter" even though the reality is that they should be in their "spring", like many of us, what he appreciates about his life right now: like being a first time dad and many great tips on what we can do to keep grateful even in tough times. 

Jason Morris says:

"Be grateful for those things that you went through because it's hard to have a Spring without a Winter, you know? 

What I mean is that you can't tear our January off the calendar and avoid it, you know?

But the thing is the problem that a lot of people have is they go through one of those Winters and they just stay in Winter, you know? 

They never really try to get better they’re never really thankful for what they do have."

Without gratitude and appreciation for what you already have, you’ll never know true fulfillment. - Tony Robbins @GeorgianBenta

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'When you are gratefulfear disappears and abundance appears.' - Tony Robbins @GeorgianBenta

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