A catalyst for awakening people to their true self and helping them live their highest potential, Oren Harris is a fascinating human being.

He brings magic into this world, you'll see (hear) what I'm talking about when you listen to our interview. 

First time I saw a video post of his on Instagram I knew we had to have a chat about gratitude, as he's very insightful and you can clearly see that he is practicing gratitude consistently, and he's also getting amazing results in his life, which is inspiring.

Below you'll see some of the topics that we've covered.

What we talked about

    • How he manifested a black BMW and afterwards a Jaguar in his life in an easy and flowing manner
    • How we can get all that we want that we don't have using a simple yet brilliant technique
    • What happens when we isolate ourselves too much from the world 
    • Why being of service to other people will help you when it's hard to be grateful
    • How Oren gets to feel grateful consistently by using the power of contrast

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Podcast transcript

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