Robert Clancy is a gifted technology entrepreneur, #1 bestselling international author, spiritual teacher, and inspirational speaker from New York. At age nineteen, Robert had a divine spiritual experience that greatly altered his life. In 2012 he started Robert Clancy – Guide to the Soul Facebook fan page where he shares his divinely inspired thoughts, where he is followed by over half-million people worldwide.

Robert is also a regular contributor on Los Angeles KABC Radio's Late Night Health Radio show. Through his passion for exceptional design & innovative technology, he co-founded Spiral Design Studio more than 25 years ago to lead an award-winning creative team in the evolution of major corporate brands, marketing & web development. 

Robert is a husband, father and 5th degree master black belt martial arts instructor. He is also a dedicated volunteer who completely embodies the spirit of service—selfless commitments to helping others make a positive difference in the world.

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