When Sean Stephenson was born, doctors predicted he would not survive more than 24 hours because of a rare bone disorder that stunted his growth and caused his bones to be extremely fragile. 

Sean is now 38, he broke more than 200 bones in his lifetime, and needs to take special care of his health but he's inspiringly grateful.

Despite the challenges he faced, he has reached millions of people around the world including Sir Richard Branson, President Clinton, and his Holiness the 14th Dalai Lama.

Sean has appeared on everything from The Oprah Show to online videos with hundreds of millions of views. The Biography Channel did an hour feature on his life called Three Foot Giant.

His message has been heard at live events in over 16 countries and 48 states in the past 23 years. Sean’s latest book, Get Off Your But, has swept the US and been released in almost a dozen languages around the world.

As a board certified therapist, Sean uses humor and compassion to develop a fun environment where individuals open their hearts and minds for lasting empowerment to occur.

I was so nervous before going LIVE because I really admire him and his work, but he was such a loving and comforting presence. 

This man has such a big heart and when you listen to the episode you can feel the emotional depth, his love for people and his wisdom in the words he's saying. 

What me and Sean Stephenson talked about:

  • How gratitude should preceede our work and amazing results, not only come after
  • Comparing in a healthy way so that we grow and we enjoy gratitude
  • Sean Stephenson's 3 Part Formula he recommends to apply when it's hard to be grateful
  • Why it's important to feel gratitude even before huge things happen in life
  • The reason why Sean doesn't watch the news and why he encourages you to do the same

From the interview

Whatever happens to you, was the best that happened to you. - @TheSeantourage

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You can't be in a place of dissapointment and gratitude at the same time. - @TheSeantourage

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Actionable tips to be GRATEFUL consistenly

  • Choose an environment that supports gratitude and grateful thinking
  • Journaling - write 3 pages a day
  • Create an activity out of gratitude, make it social, involve your friends

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